What is the role of the Quality Auditor in BPO

What is the role of the Quality Auditor in BPO

BPO or Call center is a customer-driven industry. Daily a call center receives thousands of customers queries.To deal with all customers and providing quality service is very important to gain customer satisfaction. So in the call center to gauge agents call a Quality Auditor is assigned. Let’s understand the role of the Quality Auditor in BPO in a deeper way.

Roles of Quality Auditor in Call Center

Before starting the topic first understand How to define a Quality Auditor

What is Quality Auditor 


The quality Auditor is the one who is primarily responsible to improve the Quality parameter of a call center by auditing calls/chats and sharing real-time feedback to the agents.


 Apart from this primary role, QA (Quality Auditory) is also responsible for other tasks assigned by the Manager for process improvement

Let’s examine in detail the role of Quality Auditor in BPO

Audit Calls/Chats As mentioned above the primary responsibility of a Quality Auditor is to audit the calls of agents and to ensure that they are following all the quality guidelines while taking calls, as per the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) defined by the client. These listening can be from recorded calls, side by side barging, or live calls.


 At the time of the agreement, there are certain operating guidelines which is called SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) designed by the client under which a call center needs to operate his quality. The quality department takes care of adherence to Quality SOP by the agents.

Feedback Sharing: Only listening and auditing calls do not help to improve the call quality. It is the feedback to the agent which will show you’re the results. Hence this is one of the primary tasks of a quality auditor is to share real-time feedback with the agents to improve the call quality and to avoid any future escalation from client or customer.


 There are many methods of feedback to be shared but the most effective for the call center agent is a constructive one, which means you should not only tell the loopholes of the agent but also should appreciate the agent on “ what went well” on call. If you want to make your feedback more effecting share it in presence of the respective manager or supervisor

Conduction Session Conducting session is a very helpful and effective program to improve the performance of bottom quality performers. If you want to get optimum results in a shorter span conduct feedback sessions or coaching sessions regularly.

Conducting sessions will not only help to improve quality performance but also you can figure out the actual issue about their low performance. Also as a quality auditor, you have the prime responsibility to cascade all the recent process-related updates

What is the role of the Quality Auditor in BPO

Reporting and Analysis One of the major responsibility of a quality auditor is to share timely reports as and when asked by the supervisor. Often these reports are shared by the QTL or manager but being into the QA role you should be ready to prepare such reports in the absence of the supervisor. These reports are reviewed by the upper management and stakeholders

The analysis is sharing your insight into the process improvement by doing a comparison in week wise performances. Being a QA you need to audit and evaluate calls daily, weekly, and monthly. You should have the action plan and analysis report ready.

Inputs for process improvemenQuality Auditor is also responsible to provide input and findings for the betterment of the process. In the call center, there are several functions which work for the process improvement quality department is one of them

So these are some core responsibilities of Quality Auditor. These roles are not limited but can vary as per the organization and process demand. Sometimes a Quality auditor can be asked to take calls during the peak hours to churn the call volume

Hope this article clarifies all the doubt related to the role of Quality Auditor in BPO.

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