Call center VOC and benefits of VOC analysis

Call center VOC and benefits of VOC analysis

Call centers can be defined as a one-stop shop, where customers can interact with a customer care team with just one click. 

VOC analysis can give you very meaningful insights on how to improve the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), NPS ( Net promotor score), and other metrics.

What is VOC in a call center 

In addition to above mentioned key metrics, VOC (Voice of Customer) can help you to take decisive action on a new product launch, new introduction of a customer service tool, and business expansion.

In our today's blog, we will understand more about the VOC in call centers and what are the benefits of VOC analysis

Before jumping to see the benefits of VOC analysis, let's first understand "What is VOC in the call center".

What is VOC in the Call center?

VOC is the acronym for Voice of Customer. As the name refers VOC means customer's feedback or verbatim about a specific product  or a brand service

For any enterprise especially a new brand it is always advisable to do a VOC analysis to improve the customer experience and market credibility.

Now we will understand the impact of VOC on CSAT.

Benefits of VOC analysis

Performing VOC analysis with the right approach can result in some meaningful insights.VOC analysis is also known as verbatim analysis.

Click to know more about Verbatim analysis.

By analyzing VOC we can get some good insights related to the below-mentioned metrics and behaviors.

CSAT performance:

CSAT is an abbreviation for Customer Satisfaction. It is a call center metric that is primarily measured on a scale of 1-5, where 1 stands for "Very Poor" and 5 stands for " Excellent". 
On the basis of the survey responses, we calculate customer satisfaction i.e CSAT

To know more about CSAT,you can click on the link  below:

CSAT in a call center 

With the help of VOC analysis, we can measure the CSAT score and can find the reason why the CSAT is up or low.

NPS performance:

One of the major metrics which is directly proportional to the VOC is NPS. It means if a customer shares positive feedback and is happy with the brand services it will increase the NPS and if the customer is not happy with the product or services it will decrease the NPS for the brand.

With VOC analysis in hand, you can get the RCA of why the NPS performance is trending low.

Agent behavior and performance:

One of the main reasons for the dip in  NPS or CSAT performance is the agent's behavior. With the help of VOC or customer's verbatim, you can analyze the agent's product knowledge as well. If the customer has an issue with the time taken to resolve by the support executive or the customer is not happy with the information shared then it means the advisor attending to the customer is not skillful and knowledgeable enough to handle the customer.

Call Drivers:

VOC analysis can also help you to understand the top call or chat drivers. With the help of the customer's verbatim, we can target the pain areas of customers. 

Knowing top call drivers can help you to improve the knowledge gap of agents and other metrics like AHT, CSAT, NPS, etc.

Customer's Interest and Feedback:

By performing verbatim analysis we can also understand the customer's interest in the product and if a customer has quality feedback that can be implemented in the product we can also do that.

VOC analysis is very effective not only in the call center industry but other customer-centric industries such as FMCG, Retail, Health care, etc.

In fact, you see the success of any business is possible only when we implement the feedback given by the customer through VOC.


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