Job Description of Team Leader in Call Center

Job Description of Team leader in Call Center

The first ladder of promotion for a customer service associate is the position of Tem Leader. A team leader is considered an honored position, equivalent to a supervisor in other industries. An individual who wants to get internally promoted as a team leader should be well-versed in the role and responsibilities of a team leader in BPO or call center.

Job Description of Team Leader in a call center
Job Description of Team Leader in a call center

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The team leader plays a pivotal role in any organization. The person is the SPOC (single point of contact) for the team members and the management. A Team always looks toward the team leader for any clarity on what to do and what not. 

"With great power comes great responsibilities," this proverb says it all.

Before digging deep into the job description and eligibility criteria let's first understand the definition and KRA of a Team Leader.

Definition of a Team Leader?

In general, a Team Leader is a person "who provides guidance, support, and leadership to a group of people( TEAM) to achieve a goal or target."
In a call center, a Team Leader is a responsible designation that works as a mediator between advisors and management. Hence the individual who is handling the role should be a sensible and sane person.
Now let's look into some major tasks performed by a Team Leader in Call Center.

  • Preparing and Managing Roster for the team
  • Achieving daily /weekly /monthly targets as described by the client
  • Controlling Shrinkage and Attrition of the Team
  • Fill the communication gap between the team and management
  • Provide Coaching and guidance to the team
  • To create a professional and friendly working environment.
The above-mentioned task is a major one however team leader's KRA is not limited to this only.

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Qualities of a Team Leader :

There is always a thin line between the boss and the leader. The qualities which separate a leader from a boss are mentioned below:

  • One of the major differences is that the boss always tries to create fear to earn respect while the leader earns the respect by working along with the team.
  • A leader can not be bossy, which means he can not only command the team but work along with the team to achieve goals.
  • A leader always stands up for people for the right thing at the right time.
  • A leader should have the courage to speak about the wrong and right things.
  • A boss has the approach to drive and micromanage the people while a leader has the attitude to lead and motivate the team.

What is the meaning of a Job description?

A job Description of any job role defines the key tasks performed by an individual and the necessary skills to apply for the job post.

Difference between Call Center and BPO

Job Description of a Team Leader

As mentioned above Team Leader role demands high flexibility and responsibility. Every call center wants to hire an individual who can meet the common eligibility criteria for the leadership role. However, below are some common job descriptions you can find in every job post if you are looking for a team leader role.

Job Description:

  • The candidate should be flexible with shift hours and working days.
  • Should possess good leadership skills 
  • Should have clear visibility on achieving goals
  • Should be proficient in client management (interaction).
  • Should be responsible for day-to-day operations.
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills are required for business expansion.
  • Should have a high degree of visibility towards the team's goal.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build quality relationships with the client.

Eligibility Criteria:

In addition to the above-mentioned job description the team leader should also comply with the below eligibility criteria in common:

  • Should be at least a minimum intermediate passed out from a recognized board.
  • Should have excellent English communication skills
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in an esteemed BPO 
  • Excellent Proven track record
  • Team Leaders should have confidence and skill full negotiation skills.
  • Should have knowledge of basic computer software and peripherals
  • Any additional skills or certificates e.g Six Sigma, Analytics, PMP  would be an added advantage. 
Mentioned job description and eligibility criteria vary as per the organization and client requirements. Allow me to wrap up the article now, will post my next article soon.

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