Types of Attrition in Call Center Voluntary and Involuntary

Types of Attrition in Call Center Voluntary and Involuntary

The BPO industry is one of the few industries where there is an evergreen requirement for manpower. We have witnessed this in the corona pandemic, where every sector was compelled to lay off the employees but the call center industry was still hiring for manpower.

Types of Attrition in Call Center Voluntary and Involuntary
Types of Attrition in Call Center Voluntary and Involuntary

One of the major reasons for this ever-green demand is high attrition in the industry. As per the survey, IT and BPO industries are having the highest attrition trend of 10%-15% every year.

Needless to mention that a call center organization make every effort to retain the talent by offering raise in hike, position, entrusting new responsibility, etc. But there are certain unavoidable reasons which lead to the attrition of employees.

Read more: How to control attrition in a call center. However, it would not be right to say that every attrition is because of the company's policy or management. In some cases, it is an employee's decision to quit even after everything is going good. We will talk more about this in today's blog.

So today's topic is about "Types of Attrition in Call Center Voluntary and Involuntary".

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What is Employee Attrition: 

But before discussing types of attrition. Let's understand the definition of attrition.

"Employee attrition is the process of reduction in manpower in any organization due to any of the reasons i.e Termination, Resignation, retirement, etc."

Types of Attrition:

As mentioned above there are majorly 2 ways by which an employee or advisor can attrite from the system.

1. Due to termination/ contract end by the organization.
2. When the employee wants to leave on his own

The 1st one is called "Involuntary attrition" and the latter one is known as "Voluntary attrition."

Let's deep dive more about the 2 types:

1. Involuntary Attrition:

When the company decides to terminate an employee due to any of the reasons, this is known as "Involuntary Attrition".

A few of the reasons are mentioned below:
  • Non-performance for continuous 3 months.
  • Violation of Code of Conduct.
  • Abuse or misbehaved with a colleague /senior/lady in the office. (if proven guilty).
  • Violation of POSCH(Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy.
  • Budget or Cost cutting
  • Due to business exigencies

But one thing to be noted is that on the basis of poor performance company does not have the right to terminate the advisor at once 

Let's understand it by below example"

An advisor Amit is a tenured agent but his performance is not up to the mark as compared to other tenure agents. Management has already invested in his training and coaching but still he is not able to perform either due to will or skill issue

Post refresher training and coaching company will issue PIP  (Performance Improvement Plan) to him and his performance will be observed for next 15 days if still there is no significant improvement company has the right to terminate the agent 

Contrary if an agent voluntarily leaves the job in between training and coaching than we will consider this a "Voluntary Attriton"

These are a few major reasons (not limited) that lead to high involuntary attrition.

2. Voluntary Attrition :

When an employee or advisor decides to quit the job on his own, this will be termed "Voluntary Attrition".

Below are the reasons that have been observed the most for Voluntary attrition in call centers:
  • Better opportunities in other organizations.
  • Advisor/Employee wants to go for higher studies
  • Relocation to another place
  • Personal or family issues
  • Want to quit the job and start a business
  • Did not like the policy so decided to quit.

Whatever the Attrition type may be but it is a very big challenge for a company to again hire, train, and coach a new talent which is time-consuming and requires investment.

Though in the call center industry it is always advisable to keep a check on probable attrition cases every week of the month so that organization can prepare a plan of action for catastrophe in advance.


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