What is Root Cause Analysis in the Call Center

What is Root Cause Analysis in the Call Center

Every call center has to achieve certain targets or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as decided by the client. Not achieving these KPIs can adversely affect the future business goals and brand image of the call center.

Hence it becomes imperative for every call center to make every effort to achieve the defined target.

What is Root Cause Analysis in the call center
What is Root Cause Analysis in the call center?

However, there are some uncontrollable circumstances due to which it is not possible to achieve the said target. To explore these unavoidable scenarios there is various analyti tools and pattern in the call center.

RCA is one of the important tools which we use in the call center and we are going to discuss it today.

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What is Root Cause Analysis?

Root cause Analysis is the abbreviation of RCA. This is one of the most adopted analytical practices across the contact center industry. As the name defined this analysis focuses on the main source of the problem.

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It is more often in the call center industry that whenever there is a dip in a KPI, the client asks for the reason for the dip along with the plan of action to copeup the same.

So RCA (Root Cause Analysis) helps to identify various problem sources or the root cause of the problem.

RCA is all about finding the core of the issue (where the problem started) and fixing them permanently. Although root cause analysis is a long-term practice, however,, nowadays as the client expects a quick response, hence the analysis duration varies as per the client's ask.

We will try to understand the role of RCA by the below example.


Suppose in a call center there is an inbound process where the client has set the daily call abandon target to <5%. On a specific day, the call center observed a high call abandoned rate and asked to share the root cause analysis i.e RCA by end of the day.

VOC in Call Center

There can be multiple reasons why the call abandon is very high. A few of the common reasons are mentioned below:

  • High call volume as compared to the roster manpower.
  • The roster was not planned correctly for that specific day.
  • AHT was very high for that day.
  • No real-time monitoring or assistance.
  • High Shrinkage on that day due to festival or any other reasons.
  • Any technical issue arises that causes the high call abandon rate.
In addition to the above, there can be various other reasons for the high call abandoned rate.

By implementing the RCA practice we can analyze all the possible causes one by one and then conclude the precise reason for the high call abandon rate.

Common Tools used for RCA

There can be various tools that can be used in this practice. A few of the common tools and methodology are mentioned below:

1. Pareto Analysis: Pareto Analysis is also known as 80/20 analysis. Though this is the most common tool used by the Quality team in the call center, however, Pareto Chart can also be used to identify other root causes of low KPI performance.

2Six Sigma:  Six Sigma is a widely used tool across all industries. This tool works on the DMAIC methodology. DMAIC stands for "Define" "Measure" "Analyze" "Improve" and "Control".

2Fishbone Diagram: Fishbone diagram tool is a part of the DMAIC methodology in Six Sigma. As the name implies it is a visual image of fish bone where every bone represents a possible cause of the problem.

We remember in the above example we discussed the possible reasons for the high abandonment rate on a specific day.

Below is the Fishbone diagram presentation of the example:

What is Root Cause Analysis in the call center
Fishbone Diagram

There are various other tools as well like Five WHY, FMEA diagram, etc but we will discuss them in another blog.

If we want to avoid RCA then we should embrace the proactive approach instead of the reactive. In the Call center, the KPIs dip is not unusual every alternate day it could happen due to various reasons but if we proactively inform the client about the issue then we can avoid this chaos of  RCA.


So Readers, here we end today's blog. Please share your thoughts about the blog in the comment box.

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