What is ACPT analysis in call center

What is ACPT analysis in call center 

The call center is a customer-centric industry that's why  contact center leaves no stone unturned to serve 100 % satisfactory service to every customer. However, there could be numerous circumstances due to which it is impossible to satisfy every customer as per their expectations

What is ACPT analysis in BPO?

Adamant or abusing customers, process limitations, unskilled agents, or any technical glitches are a few of the reasons which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

To find the root cause of  all these probable grounds, there is a dedicated quality team assigned to every process whose primary task is to elevate the quality scores 

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There are several tools and processes to do the quality audit but when we talk about Customer satisfaction i.e CSAT, the primary tool/ process every quality department prefers is to do ACPT analysis of the data 

Let's know more about What is ACPT analysis in a call center


While surfing the internet you can find multiple abbreviations of ACPT, but in the customer service industry, ACPT stands for Agent, Customer, Process, Technology

It is a tool to analyze and find the dissatisfaction reason, whether it was an agent's mistake or it was a customer who was not happy despite a complete resolution or offering promotions 

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We will be covering more about this in the article below

As mentioned above ACPT is the abbreviation for Agent, Customer, Process, Technology

So our first component is AGENT


Here the term agent refers to the "customer service associate" or the "advisor" who handled the particular case or interacted with the customer. There can be multiple reasons from the agent's end that led to customer dissatisfaction. 

Rude or abusive agents, lack of product knowledge, misleading statements, and fake promotional offers to make the customer happy are a few of the reasons why the customer gives dissatisfied. All these cases can be categorized under the "Agent";s component for dissatisfaction

We can consider this as a controllable component that can be minimized by coaching and training agents and if required we can take action on frequent outliers to avoid customer dissatisfaction. But this is a time handling process where a call center needs a dedicated staff to work on these agents.

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The second component of ACPT analysis is the "customer" Every time it's not an agent who is responsible for the customer dissatisfaction, sometimes it's a customer who deliberately leaves negative feedback despite every effort by the agent which leads to a drop in CSAT score

There could be multiple reasons why customers give negative feedback about the brand. Below are some of the reasons for DSAT :

  • The customer's prior experience is not good with the brand
  • The customer is adamant about more compensation that is beyond the limitation of brand
  • The customer is abusive and disrespectful without any reason 
  • Intentionally punched DSAT knowing that the advisor wholeheartedly made the effort.
  • By mistakenly giving the DSAT while agreeing that service was good

This fact needs to be understood that "We can not make every customer happy,  so working towards 100% customer satisfaction is a deception which can lead to agent's fatigue as well"


The next DSAT category is "Process". Sometimes due to process limitation advisor needs help to the customer which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Many times customer may have concerns about an instant refund, additional services, or some other requirement that can not be fulfilled due to the process or brand's terms and conditions but the customer does not understand this and give DSAT.

Below are a few reasons that can be considered for the DSAT in-process component, however, reasons may vary as per the process

  • The customer wants a full refund in a few scenarios, but as per the company, policy can not be processed
  • The customer wants an exemption on policies but due to process limitations can not be done

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Technology : 

Technology can not be a friend every time. In some scenarios, it is a technology that plays a big role in dropping CSAT. Unfortunately, we have no control over it. 

While the customer is enjoying the brand service and suddenly due to some technical glitch the service got interrupted which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. \

Such scenarios come under technical DSAT and needless to say that we can not fix these abrupt glitches. However, we can work more towards fixing recurring instances.

ACPT analysis is not only limited to BPO but other industries as well, where there is an involvement of a quality team.

The fact is that "We can not make every customer happy,  so working towards 100% customer satisfaction is a deception that can lead to agent fatigue as well. However, we can work certainly to avoid customer dissatisfaction by coaching agents and other possible ways"

So Readers let me now wrap up the topic and will meet with the next article soon. 

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