Benefits of working with an outbound call center

Benefits of working with an outbound call center 

If you want to start your career at an early age just after matric then the call center industry is one of the best options for you. In metropolitan cities, Call centers are in vogue amongst the youth as they provide you the option of Earn while you Learn.

Call centers offer customers two ways to communicate either via outbound (where a call center agent can make a call to the customer ) or an inbound medium where customers can make a call and can raise a complaint
What is an outbound call center
What is an outbound call center? 

While appearing for the interview although the employer does not give you the chance to choose the process and boss for yourself but still at the end of the interview you can make a request to offer what process you are looking for and if you get a chance to opt between inbound or outbound,  choose the outbound process. 

Let me give you the top 5 reasons for the Benefits of working with an outbound call but before that let's understand What is an outbound call center?

Outbound call center :

1. Fixed shifts and a week off Most of the outbound processes in call centers operate in general shift only i.e 9 AM-6 PM in India. Companies prefer to outsource their sales part through a BPO only, and according to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), no call center can make a telemarketing call a customer after 8 PM IST. Hence most of the outbound processes in India operate from Monday to Saturday and give you chance to get a fixed week off on Sunday.

While if you are working for any inbound process, you may not have the privilege to get a fixed week off on Sunday and a fixed general shift

New start-ups who outsource their business to call centers to handle their customers always prefer to outsource their sales, verification, retention, collection, and a few other segments via the outbound process.

2. Less Work pressure: Unlike inbound call centers you can take a 2-3 mins breather after every call. Also, there is no such target of minimum daily calls to maintain the AHT and other KPIs. So if you are working for an outbound call center you can feel less pressure compared to an inbound call center if you have previously worked for an inbound process.

Having said that if you are working for a sales process then there are some set targets which you need to achieve on a monthly basis but there are no targets on daily basis, which means if you are good at sales you can achieve your monthly target in 10-15 days and can relax for rest of the days.

3. Good Work-Life Balance: As mentioned above working in an outbound call center can give you the chance to get the fixed week off and shift, which means you can spend a good time with family on weekends. You also get week offs on festivals, unlike inbound call centers where you need to request a week or month in advance to get a fixed week off or leaves on festivals that too with no surety of fulfillment.

One more benefit of working with an outbound process is that if you have achieved your monthly target in advance then you can apply leaves for the rest of the days. However, it also depends on your terms with the next-level supervisor to get this  quickly approved

4. Perks and incentives: Working in an outbound process can give you the possibility to earn lucrative perks and incentives. If you overachieve the sales target then the company can give you some monetary incentives. Few companies offer  movie tickets and shopping vouchers for awesome performances and if you are lucky enough to work with top MNC companies then they can sponsor a travel trip as well

The above perks are not only limited to sales process but also to the collection, retention, and another process where you can achieve your KPIs and can get incentives. So if you want to earn more money than your salary then the outbound process is the right path for you

5. Growth opportunities: As mentioned above most of the outbound processes in a call center are to outsource a business by selling the brand image of a company. If you find yourself good at sales skills or you have expertise in convincing a customer then you can easily be the champ in the team.

And if you keep the continuity and stability then you can climb the next ladder of your career with ease. The sales domain is one of the few domains where you can get quick growth as compared to other domains.

Every coin has 2 sides and is the same with the outbound process. While it has some benefits  it also has some disadvantages which we will talk about in our next blog

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