Why do people quit call center jobs

Why do people quit call center jobs

Working in a call center is not everyone's cup of tea. Starting your career as an advisor takes you through some challenging environments. Round-the-clock shifts, target-oriented roles, shouting supervisors are some major causes why it is not easy to survive in this industry. 

Despite these facts, this industry is in vogue amongst the youths. 

But attrition rate has been a big concern for all the call centers as this industry depends on agent manpower only. 

Why do people quit call center jobs
Why do people quit call center jobs

As per the survey, the avg attrition rate for call centers is 12%-15% 

Though every organization left no stone unturned to retain their talent, nevertheless there are multiple reasons "Why do people quit call center jobs"

Here I have penned down the Top 5 reasons on Why do people quit call center jobs

1. Work-Life Balance:

Maintaining a work-life balance while working in a call center is a hard nut to crack, especially when you are a family person. Because working in a call center means you should be flexible for any shift and any day, which hampers your work-life balance

To avoid any reluctance later on company mentioned these clauses in the offer letter while joining. You can not expect to get a fixed week off as this depends totally on client demand, also if any day you are on your scheduled week off, a call from your supervisor can be expected to come to the office to mitigate the team's shrinkage.

Unable to maintain a Work-Life Balance is one of the topmost reasons for quitting call center jobs.

2. Target-oriented jobs:

The call center job is target-oriented irrespective of the type you are working for. If you are working for an inbound call center then your supervisor would ask you to meet the target of your daily KPIs 
i.e daily call target, AHT (average handling time ), 

And if you are working for an outbound (sales) call center then you need to achieve your daily sales target.

If you are not able to achieve these targets either you will have to stretch the shift on daily basis or be ready for the PIP ( performance improvement plan)

Due to Target oriented nature most of the agents quit the call center jobs in a month or two.

3.No visible growth

Growth is something that every individual look for. At the end of every year, people look for monetary and designation growth, but sometimes the salary raise is so low that every agent can not digest it and quit the job.

As the call center industry is always open for hire, hence in most of the call centers' growth is very low which pushes the agent to quit, also agents see many people working in the same environment with the same salary for years which compels them to quit the job.

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4. Management issues:

Having a conflict with your team leader or with the management of organizations is one of the biggest reasons why people quit call center jobs. In every call center, you will find a sample team leader or manager who will be over bossy and show his/her annoying personality every time, which does not go well with every agent.

If you are not comfortable with the supervisor or management then you can not survive in the organization for long because it creates a toxic environment.

Office politics also plays a big role in creating such a type of environment. And this implies to not only the call center industry but other industries as well.

5. Better opportunities:

One of the major reasons why people quit call center jobs is because of the better opportunity they receive from other companies. The fact is that no one joins the call center industry to make a career, people do it just for a part-time source of income or to have the taste of a job life

Hence when they receive job offers from the organizations of their respective field they quit the job. In every call center, the population of such cases is very high and that is the reason why few call centers prohibited to take BTech or any degree course students on board

Apart from aforesaid mentioned reasons, there are various other reasons Why do people quit call center jobs?

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