What is PIP in a call center

What is PIP in a call center 

Long-term survival in the private sector is possible only when you are meeting your performance goals.  Especially in the, call center where manpower plays a key role to drive the industry. Your performance should be on top to survive. 

However, if an employee is not meeting job performance goals he/she can be documented PIP ( Performance Improvement plan) by the organization.

Here "Performance" term does not only mean your daily KPIs but also your attendance, behavior with supervisors, hygiene, etc, all these come under the performance criteria to define your appraisal rating as well

What is PIP in a call center
What is PIP in a call center

Let's understand in detail "What is PIP in a call center and how we can avoid this"

What is PIP ?

PIP stands for Performance improvement plan. If you are a tenured resource in the organization and performance is not as expected by management that the organization reserves the right to issue PIP ( Performance improvement plan) to you.

In a few companies PIP is also known as a warning letter, CAP ( Corrective action policy), alert tracker, etc, all these acronyms mean the same.

PIP is primarily a program to improve the performance of a bottom quartile employee within a specific time duration. 

Let's understand how this program works.

Suppose you are a call center agent and not performing well in the quality score which is causing the loss of branding image of the client. The quality team audits your call and finds that there is an issue with the process knowledge. Despite multiple verbal warnings still, you are not able to improve your performance. Management along with your team leader decided to issue you the PIP  which gives you 45 to 60 days to improve your performance

During these 45 days, your performance will be reviewed twice by the management and your immediate supervisor.

PIP plan conducts in 2-time intervals.

PIP-1  is for the duration of 20 days (and can be varied up to 30 days as per the company policy). During this time period, you are on the strict radar of your team leader to track daily performance. However, the good thing is that an SME (Subject matter expert) will be deployed to assist you in boosting up your performance. If you truly want to improve your performance you can easily improve that and can get rid of the PIP. However, if you are not able to improve your performance during the specified 30 days you will be issued with PIP-2 for the next 20-30 days

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PIP-2  can be considered as the last few days in the organization, because if you are not able to improve the performance in 30 days with the help of a dedicated SME then there is no chance your numbers can be improved in the next 30 days.

A PIP does not automatically mean that you are getting fired but there is a good possibility that you can be, hence start looking for  a new job as soon as possible

How to avoid PIP ?

To avoid PIP below are the few things you can start implementing :

  • Take your job seriously
  • Upgrade your skills as per the industry 
  • Ask the feedback of your work from the supervisor
  • Take the help of your supervisor or any colleague in the areas where you are lacking
  • Keep the KPI (data) numbers on your tips

The Policy: 

As per the policy and as a prerequisite clause, every organization mentioned PIP and its duration in their offer letter, however, there is no central law that requires mandatory issuance of such clauses. Few companies provide you the gross salary of that duration (30-60 days) if they terminate your services instantly without issuing PIP or notice.

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