How to Make a Career in Digital Marketing and Its Future

Digital Marketing Career and Future in India

The last decade of India has been a significant move in the Digital era. The government has launched multiple digital projects in this duration. One of the major digital projects is Digital India which was launched by Indian Prime Minister Sr Narendra Modi in 2015 with the objective of connecting remote and rural areas with high-speed internet networks. 

How to Make a Career in Digital Marketing and Its Future
 How to Make a Career in Digital Marketing and Its Future

I believe that being born in this digital era is a boon for every youth. 

For youths who are still skeptical about their future and career should take the lead and enter the digital world and choose digital marketing as their career

So today I chose to write about Digital Marketing Industry which is in vogue at present. Further in this blog, we will talk about How to Make a Career in Digital Marketing and Its Future?

And I hope that by the end of this blog you will be able to choose the best career i.e Digital Marketing option for your future 

But before that let's see what are the top 3 booming industries at present and the requirements of skillful candidates (%)  in the next 3 years (2025)  as compared to the current year 2022

 How to Make a Career in Digital Marketing and Its Future

What is Digital Marketing ??

In layman's language, Digital Marketing is a strategy of online marketing that takes place with the help of an internet-connected device which also includes communication that happens through text or multimedia messages.

Nowadays every other brand has its own website and if not it must have a social media presence in any way. With the help of digital marketing, you can reach a larger audience compared to traditional methods.

Why choose Digital Marketing ???

One of the biggest reasons to choose the digital marketing industry as your career is that companies select the talent on the basis of their skills, not by your educational background, which means that to pursue Digital marketing as your career you need not have graduation or any technical courses mandatory as your education background.

In addition to that, you can pursue a digital marketing course in just as low as 20% compared to your regular college fees or course fee of any technical course

Future of Digital Marketing

Needless to say that Digital Marketing industry has going to touch new heights and the future is very bright. If we talk about India every day there are hundreds of brands onboarding markets, which require marketing in any way

As indicated by the Goldman Sachs report Digital promotion is required to make 20 lakhs occupation by 2023. The future lies in the digital or virtual space only, the tech has emerged as a driving agent during the coving 19 pandemic

I hope this article has helped you out to clear all your career-related doubts about the digital marketing industry

If you want to kick start your career and learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing then there are multiple online portals and freelancers available. However, as per my experience, one of the finest freelancers and trainer  is Mr. Akshay Vashisht who has been active in the digital marketing industry for the last 8 years

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