Bottom Quartile Management in Call center

Bottom Quartile Management in Call Center 

Every industry uses a measurement system to categorize its employee's performance by quartiles. In BPO or call centers and a few other industries, this measurement system is known as BQM (Bottom Quartile Management) or BQ Management. The bottom 25% of Employees are categorized as the bottom quartile.

What is BQM or Bottom Quartile Management in call center
Bottom Quartile Management in a call center

This BQM system helps to identify the poor performers in specific KPIs and further to work on their skills to improve their performance.

We can classify the Quartile Management system into 4 categories.

    1 Top Quartile
    2 Middle Quartile-1
    3 Middle Quartile -2
    4 Bottom Quartile 

As we got to know a little about What is BQM of Bottom Quartile Management in call center now understand How to calculate BQM?

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How to Calculate BQM (Bottom Quartile Management) ??

Hope we understood the definition and reason to do BQM. Now let's understand the calculation of BQM by an example 

Suppose I have a KPI of AHT for which the client has set the target of 240 secs (4 mins) or less and asked to do BQM on this.

We have a total count of 52 associates in the process. Below is the snippet of Excel for categorization of BQM :


First, we will sort the AHT  achieved scores by the agents from top to bottom.Now let's say 10 agents met the AHT target than:

1 Top Quartile: All agents who have achieved the target will be in Top Quartile. In our case, there are 10 agents who have achieved the target.
Further, we will divide the rest of the associates with 3 and will get the result for Q2, Q3, Q4.
. In our case post removing 10 agents (TQ)  we are left with 42 agents and if we divide these 42 agents from 3 we will get 14 (agents) as a result.

The first 14 will be in Q2 ( Middle Quartile -1) . The second 14 will be in Q3 (Middle Quartile -3) and the rest 14 will be in Q4  Bottom Quartile or BQ

I hope this clarifies the calculation for BQM

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How to Improve BQM

As a coach or Team leader, you should work on the agents falling under BQM. Though it depends on ot the specific KPIs for which agent is in BQM Below are some common tips to improve the performance of  BQM agents. 

  • Regular coaching and feedback 
  • Regular Audits
  • One o one training session 
  • Daily performance reviews
  • Barging of Calls (live and Regular)
  • A tenured mentor should be allotted for these agents
  • Seat planning to be adjusted accordingly
and other exercised can be initiated as per the case history 

Despite all the efforts if these BQM agents are not able to improve the performance that posts giving the time of 30 days as per the company policy they should be asked to leave or removed from a particular process 

I hope this blog would be able to answer all the doubts about BQM and its calculation 

I will post my next blog soon 

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