What is the career path in a Call Center

What is the career path in a Call center?

The call center industry has been in vogue amongst the youth, especially in metropolitan cities in INDIA. Youth consider a call center job the best way to Earn and Learn because this industry offers decent wages along with lucrative incentives while you can continue your study. Most of the college-going students work night shifts as PTE (Part-time employees) for call centers to cover the cost of their studies.

What is the career path in a Call Center
What is the career path in a Call Center

As per the survey (done in a few of the call centers of Delhi/NCR) reports, the average age of a customer service executive is 20 years. But most of the youths bid adieu to this industry after 3-4 years because they do not find a fruitful career path in the industry or sometimes due to an imbalance in work/life balance 

In addition to the aforesaid reasons, there are certain other myths about the call center industry which makes an employee reluctant to continue for a long run 

Having experience of more than a decade now let me give the honest answer to this question of "What is the career path in a Call Center?"  and also what are the different departments in which you can make a career along with the minimum eligibility criteria

Let's start with the foundation :

Customer Care Executive: Every individual starts his/her journey in the call center industry with a call center executive level.If you perform well and stay loyal to the organization you can see a good career path in the next few months or years. Needless to say, an individual's behavior and commitment towards the organization plays a key role in building a career and to be honest even more than an individual's performance.

Every call center rolls out IJP on a regular basis in which an internal employee can apply for the job post . This IJP is for the various departments which will be discussed further. But one thing to keep in mind is that every call center has minimum eligibility criteria in terms of tenure spend in the organization. For most organizations, a candidate should spend a minimum of 6 months before applying for IJP (Internal Job Posting).

Some common criteria to apply for IJP  are :
  • The candidate must have completed a minimum of 6 months of tenure with the organization.
  • No warning letters in last 6 months of tenure for performance
  • No more than allowed LWPs(Leave without pay) as per the company norms.
  • Prior experience or skills in the same sector (department specific) 
These criteria are not limited and vary as per the company policy.

Now let's talk about the department in which a candidate can apply for the job as per convenience.

Operations Team (ATL): 

Desired Skills: Microsoft Excel

In 80% of the cases, a call center executive wants to apply or to be promoted as an SME/ ATL in the Operations department only. One of the biggest reasons is they have been working in the same culture and leader for months/ years,which creates a good bonding of agent with a Team Leader and or with the colleagues

But to apply for the job post as mentioned above a candidate must have good knowledge of Microsoft Excel which is very imperative to prepare real-time reports and dashboards.

Apart from excel, you must have a leader's approach and vision to executive your job

Training and Quality Team : 

Desired Skills: Effective communication skills

This is the second department after operations where most call center executives find comfort to apply. This department is especially for girls (but not specific). Post completion of requisite tenure you can apply for IJP in Training and Quality department. You can be a trainer or a quality auditor.

As mentioned above if you are especially applying for a trainer role you must have a good command of the English language and also you must know the art of delivering messages and effective communication so that each individual in the training room can understand your thought. Because ultimately a trainer's performance is measured by the training throughput of his batch

IT Team :

Desired skills: Certificate course of related skills/tools

If you are tech-savvy and also hold any degree or a short certificate course in the technical field then you can apply for the IJP in the IT department. In the call center industry, the demand for desktop and network engineers is very high because of the huge manpower requirement.

During this pandemic, the IT team has played a paramount role in the movement of employees from WFO to WFH not in the call center industry but in every industry.

Even if you have not done any course yet, you can do a crash course from any online learning platform.
to jump your career with IT Team

Admin Team:

If you want to move to a non-tech department then the admin department is the best choice for you. if you are wondering what is the role of an admin team in a call center then pay attention to the below pointers for the understanding of the administrative task 
  • Greeting visitors in the office
  • Managing transport for organization
  • One-stop grievance cell for infrastructure issues
  • Communication with management
  • Taking care of hygiene piece of an organization etc

Others job oppurtunities

Apart from the above-mentioned departments, there are several other job opportunities in other divisions namely, accounts,  payroll, finance, HR, and the list goes on...

The Final Verdict

The conclusion of the story is that it all depends on you that whats your intent is to join this industry. Are you just doing a part-time job to earn pocket money or waiting for your college studies to be over? In both cases  I would not recommend you to move on with this career.

But yes if you have already completed your college studies and are still skeptical about your career choice then in my opinion this industry is the right choice provided you need to show commitment.

The fact what I experienced in the call center industry is "No one enters in the industry to make the career but as the time passes you yourself adopt this industry" 

The career path discussed above is not a complete pyramid hierarchy but just the next level from an agent grid. However in my next blog I will update about the department wise complete hirearchy

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