Top 5 Courses to get the job in a call center

Top 5 Courses to get the job in a call center 

The call center industry has shown immense growth since its inception, especially in the last decade. Day on day new startups and enterprises are setting up which is increasing the consumer volume hence the demand for customer service experts is increasing rapidly.

While there are no specific eligibility criteria to get the job in a call center, apart from the criteria of minimum 18 years of age and intermediate passed out as education qualification, however doing a few short term courses can increase the chance for (high) salary negotiation. Also Top BPOs like TCS, Wipro, Concentrix look for only skilled customer service associates which is one of the strongest reasons to opt for these courses.

Top 5 Courses to get the job in a call center
Top 5 Courses to get the job in a call center 

Let me share with you the "Top 5 Courses to get the job in a call center"

Here I have penned down 5 courses that should be on your watchlist if you are planning to start your career with a call center. Let me also remind you that these courses are not long term courses like institute courses and are also pocket friendly

1. English Speaking courses

Communication is the backbone of the customer service industry. Hence leading call centers look for candidates who can interact with customers effectively. 

Needless to say, INDIA has emerged as a hub for international call centers which means an individual should have a good command of the English language (both written and verbal)  to communicate with overseas customers and clients.

But don't worry, if you want to start your career in a call center but are afraid to speak in English then you can opt for short-term English-speaking courses. Though you can also improve your English skills through newspapers and other means all these take a lot of time 

The reason, why you should opt for an English communication course, is because of the high salary and other perks offered by these Internation BPOs

Just a piece of advice if you search for English speaking institute than go for such institutes where they can also train you for the VERSANT test, which is nowadays a mandate eligibility criteria to get shortlisted.

To know more about the VERSANT test can click on the below link:

What is the VERSANT test?

2 Excel courses:

Microsoft Excel is arguably the finest spreadsheet software since its inception in 1985. Microsoft Excel is used for organizing and visualizing a large amount of data. Although this course is not a mandated requirement to get the call center job, but expertise in excel can land you in data entry and back-office jobs, which are a few of the high-paying jobs as a fresher in a call center.
Also, by having a good command of excel, you can have an edge over other candidates when you apply for internal job postings in call centers or other data analyst jobs. 

As the use of excel is now common in every office and organization hence there are several institutes and online platforms available which can offer you excel courses at the cheapest prices. 

A few of the links are below to enroll in an Excel course

Everyday excel

Excel for beginner and advance

3. Typing speed:

If you are applying for a call center job then typing speed is a basic test that you will have to undergo irrespective of the process (voice or nonvoice) you applied for. Top BPOs prefer the candidates who have good typing speed, the logic for that is an agent with good typing speed can handle more customers in a specific time period than another agent who has comparatively lower typing speed.

In most of the BPOs, the target for the typing speed is 35wpm (word per minute) with 95% accuracy.

Regular and frequent practice can make you the champ in typing speed. There are multiple free tools available in google to check and master typing speed . You can improve your typing speed at home or can enroll in any training institute as well

You can click on the link to get the list of free typing tools:

Also readHow to improve typing speed at home

4. Personality Development

Someone rightly said, "A man is known by his dress and address".While appearing for the interview the first thing the interviewer observes is your sense of dressing and body language. If you are a master in excel or a champ in typing speed and does not have a good sense of dressing then your chances of shortlisting may be very less because in industries like aviation, hospitality, BPO's an individual personality matters more than other skills

A well-groomed candidate feels very confident and can handle the interview with elegance. Personality development is not only limited to wearing nice outfits but this term also includes "the way you interact with people", "your body posture for interview". dressing etiquettes etc

Hence if you want a sure success in the interview then "Personality development" is a must course to opt for. 

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5. Computer course :

Though nowadays everyone has laptop or desktop at home and we know some basic troubleshoot in case we encounter some challenges with related to other system but if you are a guy who does not have knowledge about basic computer than you can be a laughing stock

In this era, where every individual is tech-savvy you should at least know some basics about computer and its peripherals, knowledge on how to reboot a system, basic troubleshoot, familiar with shortcut keys, etc

Familiarization with shortcut keys is a must in a call center, because sometimes while handling customers you share some canned responses with the customer and tag the same in your comment box in the system but what if you do not know how to paste the same line with the short cut key in the computer? you will have to manually type the same comments again and again in every interaction  which is time-consuming and will decrease you performance score card due to less customers handled
Hence this is advisable to do a short term computer course to know basics about computer , operating systems and other acronyms related to computer

Apart from these courses, you can also opt for leadership courses, some courses to improve skills, learning and development and etc to get the sure-shot success in the interview.

So readers let me allow to wrap up the article now, will post my next article soon on this.


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