FCR and its benefits in the call center

FCR and its benefits in the call center

The Call center is a customer-oriented industry. Hence a Call center works on few specific parameters like CSAT, Avg, Response time  AHT, FRT, etc to improve customer satisfaction and keep the customer happy. One of the key parameters in a call center which increases customer satisfaction is FCR.

Today we will understand "FCR and its benefits in the call center"

FCR and its benefits in call center
FCR and its benefits in the call center 

Before diving deep into the benefits let's first understand what is FCR (First Call Resolution)

What is FCR?

FCR in call center stands for First Call Resolution. So FCR rate can be calculated on the basis of a customer's query which is resolved at first by an agent and the customer did not call back again to the call center for the same query.

Every call center works on this parameter in its own way as there is no such target delivery for FCR nevertheless to gauge customer happiness and satisfaction this is a key parameter.

How to increase FCR

To increase FCR (First Call Resolution)  the foremost exercise is that the agent should be well versed with the product and trained enough on the product. A better rate of FCR shows that the call center agents are good in terms of knowledge and call quality. To maintain the FCR a call center agent needs to undergo frequent training planners on new updates of the product.

We can understand the FCR rate of a call center by the above-mentioned diagram.

Suppose in a Call center 500 customers called in a day but due to the wrong information shared by the agent, 10 customers called back again for the same query. So the FCR rate of the call center is 98% 

For the better delivery of the FCR rate, you need to figure out the reason for the 2% of customers who called back again for the same query.

Benefits of FCR in the call center 

There are several benefits of FCR (First call resolution) in a call center. Below are some significant benefits of FCR :

1.Increase in Customer Satisfaction: Higher FCR rate is directly proportional to the higher customer satisfaction rate. If a customer is calling for a query and he is getting resolution on the same call he would be more satisfied and happy rather than calling frequently for the same query.

But some resolutions are out of the purview of a call center agent due to which the customer might not like the answer or resolution. These cases mostly arise when the customer calls for a refund query or due to a technical glitch call disconnected in between.

So it can be assumed that a call center can not deliver a 100% FCR.

2. Decrease in call volume: Mostly it happens if the customer is not getting proper resolution on the first call he/ she can call back again for the same issue which increases the call traffic due to which agents feel unnecessary pressure which can badly impact the cal quality.

To mitigate the same you need to keep an eye on repeat % of calls in a single day.

3.Gaps in training: A lower FCR rate for a call center is alarming which means that our agents are not trained enough to handle the queries at first. This also indicates the huge gap in training and quality. As mentioned above increasing the FCR rate is very important which can only happen by close monitoring of agents, auditing calls, and majorly conducting frequent training and coaching of agents.

Though there is no idle rate of FCR (First Call resolution) in a cell center but as high as you maintain the FCR the more your customer is happy which in turn results in more business to the specific call center 

For higher customer satisfaction apart from FCR other parameters like, AHT, ART,FRT is equally important which I will explain in the next blog  

Till then Stay Safe and happy

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