One day in the Call Center

One day in the Call Center

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Often I post blogs and jobs related to call center and customer service on this website but today I thought to write a little offbeat in regards to my experience in the call center about One day in the call center


One day in the Call Center
One day in the Call Center

One day in a Call Center 

Having been into the call center industry for more than 13 years now and working as a Managerial level I just wonder about all the thoughts people have or probably I had about this industry before joining. 


People are having several myths about the Call Center industry. For those, I would suggest reading this article

Myths and Facts about the Call Center industry


So here is my journey and experience insight about One day in Call Center


My First Interview 

I never wanted to be the part of this industry however few things are bound to happen and you cannot control that. I was tired of searching jobs here and there in my domain but nothing was going through (By the way, I am an aviation professional on papers).


Finally, I went to attend a call center interview and surprisingly got selected. I surprised because after handling so many rejections I did not expect that I would be selected in the first attempt


The interviewer asked me about my introduction which by that time I remembered by heart after appearing in so many interviews.


The interviewer asked me about my experience, which by no means I had at that time but certainly, I was looking for.


My communication skills were not good, nevertheless, the interviewer did not judge me on that and this way I cleared my first interview in Call Center


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Remembering my Training Days 

I started my career with IBM (Daksh) which is currently known as Concentric BPO. Training days in the call center are said to be the most awesome days. Making New friends, hang out with them, planning for weekends are some nostalgic memories of my training days.


You make some friends who are probably associated with you throughout your call center journey. I also made counted friends who are still connected with me. These training days can be limited form 6 to 10 days as per the process requirement.


Needless to say, you need to keep your performance and behavior intact throughout the training period to get on board because floor behavior and your interaction with the trainer plays a vital role while considering you for certification.


My First Day on the floor

MY first day on the floor was a mixture of experience. Entering from the gate everyone sees you as a new animal in the zoo. Some hold the arrogance of being senior and old while some welcome you with a warm heart. 


The best way to handle this situation is to focus on those who are welcoming you instead of giving attention to those who are arrogant.


But Relax! This is not college where you have to be afraid of hazing or ragging, Every company has some protocols and rules which every employee has to follow. So Spent some days with all the colleagues and you will find the acceptance of everyone.


Starting 15 or 20 days on the floor is like a “honeymoon period” where you do not have any pressure of target, sales, or handling customers. So utilize this time and you can be the next leader of the team

One day in the Call Center
One day in the Call Center 


What does my experience say?


Gone are the days when the Call Centers are said to be the place for losers. Now the Call center industry has been modified with the latest technology and science and to drive the same, industry requires highly experienced and skilled professionals.


Nowadays Indian Call Center market is one of the most sought-after markets in the world for outsourcing, especially in the last few years.


In addition to this the GDP contribution to the Indian economy by Call Center industry cannot be overlooked.

Undoubtedly, the Call Center industry has shown continuous growth since its inception in the Indian Market.


As per the reports of business maps of India The growth in the contribution of BPOs to Gross Domestic Product has shown a steady rise from 1.2% to 5.4%. It is hence evident that the BPO industry is making an impact on the Indian economy.


Amid this pandemic as well Call center industry is one of the few industries that has given employment to people even during this corona period.



A final Verdict

Verdict on Call Center 


Joining or Starting a career with any of the industry depends on your own choice and your wisdom.But just career advice If you are an extrovert personality and love to attend customers than the Call center industry is waiting for you. This industry is customer-centric and is ready to adapt to such individuals who are committed to delivering the best

On that note let me wrap up this article .

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