How Work From Home Impacts Customer Service in Call Center

How Work From Home model Impacts Customer Service

Amid the pandemic of Corona Virus, most of the IT and Call Centers have opted out of the Work From Home model to provide uninterrupted service to their customers and partners 

However, the Indian Government’s move for a phased unlocking after the exhaustive lockdown since the 25th of march sets the stage for individuals to recommence their jobs and earn a livelihood. In the first phase of the unlocking.1, the government has allowed private companies and Call Centers to work with 33% of their staff.

In this article, we will understand How Work From Home Impacts Customer Service in Call Center

But let’s first understand What is Work From Home model?

How Work From Home Impacts Customer Service

Work From Home

The work From Home model is introduced to provide uninterrupted services to the clients and customers while working from home. This alternate is to run the operations from home smoothly whenever such pandemics like corona or any other rampant situation arises and you are not able to operate the function  from the office 

But for successful implementation of this model, you need to have a robust and advanced network and a sturdy networking team for troubleshooting in case any technical glitch arises.

Now Let's get back to our main topic

How Work from home impacts customer Service :

So Far most of the Call Centers have been running on the Work From Home model, now post-government relief, Call Centers  are in a dilemma whom to call to the office or whom to not, however, It would be a wise decision to continue with Work from Home model.

But maintaining the same service level in the Work From Home model likewise in the office is a crooked pudding.

When you are  working from home on any project the main question arises of Customer Data Security, Customer Satisfaction, Delay in Customer query Resolution, Agent monitoring, and occupancy in addition to this the biggest  challenge is to deliver  Quality Customer Service

Further in Article, I will talk in detail about the above-mentioned challenges also I will share with you the ideas on how to mitigate this impact.

Without further ado let’s start the subject in detail:

The first thing that is very  challenging is :

Customer Data Security 

How Work From Home Impacts Customer Service

Customer Data Security

Customer Data Security is one of the most challenging issues which should be
taken care of by every Call Center carefully. While working through the "Work from Home” model this issue is more problematic now.

Keeping your customer’s Data Secure and safe in remote is a tough task also how to avoid misusing the data by agents is a major challenge. 

To counter the security issues and to keep an eye on your agent's work activity always, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is remote access to increase your security network while working from home.

To avoid any threat to data security you need to review your security policies again, which include download data permission which needs to be authorized by the administration also what site to be accessed and what to not.

Agent monitoring is a major key factor to gauge the agent's work performance and occupancy, In the office environment agents, can be monitored physically apart from real-time monitoring tools through your system, which keeps a rigorous tab on agents to enhance the work occupancy.

But in the Work From Home model, monitoring agents is a challenging factor, because agents find different ways of work dodging, not providing FCR ( first call resolution ) to the customer, not working on queries on time, latency in answering calls, or making excuses for frequent electricity and internet issues, which impacts customer service experience adversely.

Low-Quality Customer Service In Call Center, when we interact with customers we wrap up the call with a satisfied customer, where the agent tries his maximum to assist customers by following all quality parameters which include telephone etiquette, sympathy, empathy, and instant customer resolution.

But if the agent is working through Work From Home mode it is a hoax to expect agents to work in autopilot mode, moreover, agents do not follow the quality parameter as per the quality manual which leads to dissatisfied and unhappy customers at the end of the call.

Latency in Handling CustomersWhile the Call Centers are running with half of the manpower hence a little bit of latency in handling customers is expected but misusing Work from home model is also easy for agents and this is the reason why agents unnecessary drag customer’s call or try to avoid the call which increases the wait time for other customers and resulting in customer dissatisfaction and frustration.

The use of advanced real-time monitoring tools and gauging agent’s quality in real-time is the best solution to avoid latency and

Undoubtedly Work From Home model is an effective model and valuable alternative for smooth operations from home but for the successful execution of this model, we need to coach the agents about the pros and cons of the model simultaneously a powerful networking team is required for 24*7 support.

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