Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

Coming from the customer service industry and by squeezing my experience of over one and the half-decade I strongly believe that the better you serve to your customer better your organization will grow. 

Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

Call center that keeps a customer-centric approach leaves the mark in the customer service industry and those who are doing so today are the flag bearer of Call Center in the market.

Despite knowing this fact nowadays Call Centers are least bother to focus on providing satisfactory customer service, instead “the quality”, they are working on “quantity”, means closing complaints of customers  as much as they can to complete the target  and who cares whether the customer was happy or not

So there are several factors Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

Let’s not beat around the bush and start the topic

High Queue Time to connect with associates: This could be due to insufficient staff a Call Center can have as compared to their customer’s traffic and on top of that annoying music in the IVR while the customer is in queue sucks. This is one of the reasons why customers often avoid to connect with a call center for his complaint instead feel comfortable to visit nearby offices.

Unskilled staff: Imagine that as the customer you have waited for more than

Why call centers suck at providing great customer service

                            Unskilled Staff

half an hour and when the call lands it connected to an unskilled agent who does not have the proper product knowledge and call handling etiquette. 

Call Center Associates are the one who represents, the company to the customer and they are the face of a company but what if these associates are not skilled enough to handle the query of the customer and taking more time than usual to solve the query.

Putting the customer on hold again and again due to lack of product knowledge which leads to customer frustration and annoyance and further results in the dissatisfaction of the customer.

It is foolish of every company to hire unskilled staff in hurry, on top of that, if the trainers and coaches are not competent enough to train the staff nothing can be worse than that.

Automated phone system( IVR): This technology, however, invented for the ease of communication between the customers and the  call center but some of the features of this IVR technology like press the different button multiple  times to get connected with the agent is very annoying.

Because sometimes the customer wants to have a direct connection with the call center representative to explain the issue, he does not want a bot at that moment, but to reach to the representative he has to undergo this automated phone system for too long in addition  which ultimately ended up in frustration
Transferring Call from here to there: One of the worst experiences with the Call Center is transferring a call from one associate to other associates which takes a lot of customer time.

Not being well versed with the product knowledge, the agent tries  to get rid of the customer as soon as possible , so he transfers the call  to other associate and other agent does not  specialize for the particular request, hence transfer back to the same queue, such kind of bouncing game results in very bad service experience for the customer

Less Salary package in Call Center: Most of the part Salary Scale of Call Center associate is very less compared to the harassment they face like a bossy supervisor, irritated and shouting customers and Skyhigh targets.

Coming from the industry I am totally in agreement that companies should spend on their employees as well and with customer satisfaction simultaneously they should also work on employee satisfaction so that agent can enjoy the work instead of feeling it burden and happily assist customers.

Hectic Schedule of Call Center associate: Working in 24* 7 environment and signing a clause associates can be called in any of the shifts make the associates enraged and irritable in nature, which can be observed when they are talking to customers which sometimes results in an argument with the customer, loud voice and irritability with the customers. This all gives the customer very awkward and absurd experience which results in customer dissatisfaction.

Abusive behavior of Call Center Associate: While being in the Customer service industry, Soft Skills and politeness there are 2 key factors while handling the customer, but few agents take it for granted  and talk with the customers very rudely and in profane language.

Few associates misbehave with the customers with no reason just because they know that they are in the shed of call center and it is not so easy to trace them and most of the customer

Customer, on the other hand, who is already unhappy with your product services cannot expect such poor customer service.

Call Centers need to understand that “CUSTOMER IS KING” of industry and we cannot grow by betraying or dissatisfying our king.

I will end this article by leaving you with the quote by the legend which I admire most:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” –
 Bill Gates (Founder, Microsoft)

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