Why do Indians prefer government jobs

Why do Indians prefer government jobs

Most Indian families are of conservative thinking and believe in living life in an old traditional way, that's why looking after the benefits and the craze of government jobs, every Indian parent wants their child to be a government officer or at least a government employee not less than that.

Why Indians prefer the government jobs
Why do Indians prefer government jobs

In today's blog, we are sharing with you some of the 5 most common reasons why do Indians prefer government jobs over Private sector jobs. Is it only good benefits and perks or more than that?

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Why do Indians prefer government jobs?

There are several reasons Why Indians preferred government jobs over Private jobs. 5 common reasons are mentioned below:

1. Job Security:

Recent layoffs on a global level are quite scary and are a common reason why government jobs in India are preferred over private jobs. Unlike the private sector, when a person gets a job in the government sector, he/she is likely to be employed until retirement. This type of job security can be availed in government jobs only. So getting a government job means no retirement tension as you will be getting a decent pension per month. 

2. Salary and Perks:

Contrary to other countries in India government job offers handsome salary with benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, paid leaves, etc. In addition to these benefits, government employees also get heavy perks like travel and shift allowance, free health and medical check, mobile bill reimbursement, and in some cases, government-allotted rooms for the family.

If you are getting so many benefits then why would anyone go for a private job.

3. Prestige and Social Status:

Government job in India is not only a job but also a matter of social status. The demand for a government employee is much higher than a person working in any other sector. The behavior of a common man can be felt differently towards government officials, this is because a government employee works for the public only and every person knows that to get any government work done, the common man has to please the government employee.

It is also a bitter truth of Indian culture that the eligibility of a male bachelor in India is not determined by his skills but by the job he is in. If you have a decent government job then you will get an abundant dowry.

4. Work-Life Balance:

A government job also offers a perfect balance between work and life. A government employee gets a fixed 9-5 shift job that allows spending quality time with their family and beloved ones. Unlike private sector jobs, government employees generally work under a fixed time duration rather then extending shifts. 

Like private jobs government employees also get the benefit of casual and sick leaves, in addition to these leaves they also get all public and national holidays off.

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5. Easy Job:

Government jobs are also known for their ease and comfort. Although it is always a hard nut to crack a government job in India, once you are in the job you will feel comfort and convenience. However, it is not correct to say that every government job is easy and stress-free, many government jobs like IAS, IPS, and Intelligence Bureau jobs are responsible jobs as well as stressful jobs, but mostly in middle-level government jobs environment is very sluggish and so are employees.

That's why there is a saying in India that "Doing work in a sarkari way" means "Doing some work slowly".


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  1. I think social reputation is one of the major reasons