What is IJP in a call center

What is IJP in a call center?

IJP is commonly known as Internal Job Posting. Every industry, especially call centers continuously strives to develop employees by providing professional growth. This growth can be in annual or half-yearly promotions where an employee can get the monetary growth or monetary designation hike.

What is IJP in a call center?
What is IJP in a call center?

If you also belong to the call center industry and want to get a quick promotion then the easiest way is to clear IJP. Every organization floats out IJPs, whenever there is a vacancy available for a position.

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Further, in today's blog, we will discuss:

What is IJP?


Common Eligibility Criteria for IJP

Benefits of floating IJP to the organization.

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So without further ado, let's start today's topic, "What is IJP in a call center"?

What is IJP?

IJP is an abbreviation for Internal Job Posting. As the name suggests, IJP stands for a process where an organization rolls out job vacancies for its internal employees only. These job vacancies can be for different roles and departments.

The process to apply for IJP:

If any employee meets the skills, job description, and other requirements as posted and needed for the position, he/she can submit the IJP form. Post assessment of the duly filled IJP form and skills of the employee, the HR team may communicate with the employer for further rounds of interview processes.

Eligibility for IJP:

Though the eligibility for IJP depends on the process requirement and the domain in which the candidate has applied for. But some common eligibility criteria are:

  •     University degree preferred.
  •       Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  •       Proficient in Microsoft Office, especially (Excel, Office, and PPT)
  •       Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and meet timelines on deliverables.
  •       Self-starter, sense of urgency, and works well under pressure.
  •       Strong attention to detail. 

5 Benefits of floating IJP in organization

1: Employee motivation:

One of the biggest benefits of rolling out IJP is the motivation factor of employees. An employee is associated with a company not only for the salary raise but also for the respect and hike in the current designation. Hence floating internal job postings in a timely manner can surely boost the motivation of existing employees which also increases productivity.

2: Cost saving:

The other factor why most organizations prefer to hire candidates internally rather than hiring from outside is the Cost saving. It is needless to say that with the increasing competition in the market, the salary expectations of the candidates have also increased, therefore every organization has to design its salary budget according to the salary expectations of the candidates.

Every company looks for a bit of cost-cutting. The recent layoffs, reduction in salaries, and reduction in infrastructure costs all lend to the company's long-term cost savings. So now most of the companies prefer internal job posting only, because if a candidate is selected through IJP then compared to external candidates salary is increased by 5%-8% plus some additional responsibilities are given, which in my view is an unfair process:

3. Attrition control:

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, another advantage that an internal job brings to any organization is retaining the existing talent thus controlling attrition. In fact, the trend shows that candidates hired from outside any organization are more likely to leave the organization very early as compared to candidates selected by internal job postings.

One of the reasons why the people hired through IJP stick to the organization for extended periods is due to the dedication and affection of tenured candidates towards the organization.

4: Loyalty and Security:

The fourth reason why it is always beneficial for an organization to prefer hiring candidates from inside the organization is simply the tenure and loyalty factor. The more tenure the employee is the more loyalty you can expect from the employee.

When an employee is loyal to the company, then he/she can be trusted with all their heart, and as mentioned above if loyal employees are treated well by the company, they can provide their facilities to the organization for many years and even for a lifetime

5: Immediate replacement:

When an employee leaves the company, it is a challenging task for the company to find his replacement, especially when the employee leaves the company without serving notice or within a short period, or when the employee is designated to a higher position. But when it happens, it is a wise decision to roll out IJP immediately for the vacant post as you get to source talent from within the organization. Once the company gets an immediate replacement, the recruitment team doesn't have to put in the effort to find the candidate other than just shooting a mail to different departments of the respective open position.


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