Collection Process and its KPIs in Call Center

Collection Process and its KPIs in Call Center

When a new brand enters the market one of the main challenges experienced by the brand is to handle the customer flow because unanswering or delaying in resolving the customer queries can lead to customer dissatisfaction as well as the diversion of customer traffic towards the competitor.

Collection process and KPI  in Call Center
Collection process and KPI  in Call Center

Therefore, every brand outsources its customer service segment to a dedicated BPO or call center for complete handling and resolution of all the queries of the customers.

However a BPO or call center in addition to handling the customer service segment for an enterprise also offers various other outsourcing services to their client.

Sales service, verification process, collection, and retention are a few of the major ones.

In today's blog, we are going to discuss What is Collection process and its KPIs in a call center.

Before talking about the KPI in the Collection process. Let us understand the collection process in the call center.

Collection process in Call center


The bill payment collection facility is the service offered by a call center to its client when client is not able to collect the customer by the due date  of bill payment .

The collection service is primarily offered to telecom and banking sector clients as these sectors provide financial services to client in form of loan, credit, post paid telecom services etc.

Role of collection team takes place  only when the given due date to customer for bill payment has been passed and customer is yet to make the payment. 

Now let's take about the major KPIs to drive the profitable collection process:

KPIs in Collection process

1. PTP :

PTP is the acronym for Promise to Pay.PTP is one of the major KPIs in collection process which is tagged when a customer promises to pay the pending due in the next couple of days.

The role of a call center collection executive is to convince the customer for  PTP . An idle PTP rate should be 50% of overall connected calls

2. RTP :

RTP is the acronym for Refuse to Pay. There can be multiple reasons that customer does not want to pay the amount few of them are mentioned below :

  • Not happy with customer service.
  • Does not have money.
  • Relocation to other place.
  • Previous dispute in service
  • Incorrect bill

While as a collection executive's job role is not only to collect the amount but also to assist the customer in resolving the issues by raising a ticket. However, we still need to convince the customer to pay a partial amount and the rest of the amount post the issue is sorted.
The idle RTP threshold should be below 5% of connected calls.


PU is the acronym for Pick up. When a customer is not able to make the due payment online the call center provides service of collection field executive who visit to customer's requested address and collect the amount from there.

Often this facility is available only for premium or tenured customers and client focuses on PTP or online payment cases due to cost invovement.


CPH is an acronym for Calls per Hour which is the measure of calls taken by an agent per hour. The more call will be taken by the collection agent the number of collection probability will be increased.

By controlling the AHT (Average handling time) CPH can be improved.

The Idle CPH for the collection process should be 6-8 calls 

5. AHT :

AHT is an acronym for Average Handling Time which means the time taken to handle a customer, make notes, and finally dispose of the call.AHT plays an important role in every process. In the collection process if an advisors AHT is below a defined certain level then he or she can talk to more customers and convince them to pay the due bill which will increase the number of collection amount and count for the day.

Though AHT for every process varies as per the call flow and client requirements often the AHT for the collection process should be 3 mins.

Apart from above mentioned KPIs, there are certain other KPIs varies as per the client requirement and business nature.

Readers, I hope this blog will help you to understand the KPIs of the collection process  in the call center 

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