Is Call Center a bad place to work

Is Call Center a bad place to work

I often get to hear this question "Is Call Center a bad place to work?".Before sharing my opinion on this let's first understand why this question comes again and again and why people assume that a call center is a bad place to work.

Is Call Center a bad place to work
Is Call Center a bad place to work

The call center industry has evolved very rapidly since its inception in the early 2000s. But in the initial days, call centers were used to operate quietly. The man who opened INDIA's first call center Mr. Pramod Bhasin started the first call center with a handful of employees in an office, where the compartments were separated by sarees. In the mid of 2000s when a few other call centers started operations in INDIA, their primary approach is to work with international (US) clients, where business operation hours are at the night. Hence, needless to say, if a person is interested to work in a call center, he should be flexible enough to work at night. 

Indian families do not allow their children, especially girls to work at night. In addition to odd shifts, the call center is a client-driven business where every target and KPI is set as per the client's ask. So it becomes obvious for every call center to achieve the given target by hook or by crook to survive the business. This survival tussle sometimes results in a toxic and stressful environment which leads to attrition of employees and they leave with the impression that Call Center is a bad place to work

But nowadays call center jobs are not traditional, monotonous, and toxic. Now every call center wants to retain their talent and for that, they do every bit to keep their employees happy. Most call center offers you high pay, every perk, and facility like other corporate giants do.

You can read the article List of top 5 call centers in INDIA to know more about the top call centers that are rated overall more than 4 (out of 5) stars in terms of working environment, work-life balance, and pay structure

If you want to kick start your career in the call center industry you can choose any of these call centers to break the stereotype.


Primarily it depends on the company and the environment you are working in. If you are working with a call center that has just started its operation then you might experience more challenges than working with an established one. There are many call centers that offer low pay and becoming the only blood-sucking machines for advisors.

Yes, the call center job is stressful and you have to speak to tons of customers every day. Some customers are very aggressive and rude and some are polite and understanding. Sometimes you might have a problem with your pushy manager but you need to understand that they are also under tremendous pressure to achieve the target.

In this globe, every private or corporate job has some KPIs to achieve and if you are not able to achieve then you will have to go with the same pressure and stress as call center people undergo, then Why target only the Call center industry?

Positive Aspect:

Just look at the positive aspect. Working in the call center environment can teach you some life-changing lessons :

  • Time management 
  • Building up resilience
  • To cope with challenging situations
  • Corporate culture
  • How to maintain work-life balance 

A call center job is not everyone's cup of tea but if you can hack it, you are tailored for any other job. 

So to answer the question "Is a call center a bad place to work" is "Choice"


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