Roles and Responsibility of a call center agent

Roles and Responsibility of a call center agent

Agents are the primary resources of an organization and the base of the call center pyramid. Agents are said to be the face of a  brand for which they do promotion, sales, or customer service. In the Call center, agents are not only responsible to take calls but also assigned other duties as well. Today, in this article we will get to know about 5 key responsibilities of a Call Center agent. So today’s topic is “Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center agent

Duties and Responsibilities of a Call Center agent
Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center agent

Though, in general, agents are expected to answer inbound calls and assist customers but the duties are not limited to only taking calls but also in addition to assisting customers over the phone calls, agents need to solve the queries via live chat, message, or email.

So if you are planning to start your career as a Call center agent, make sure you are aware of the Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center agent 

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Call Center agent

Customer Service The core responsibility of a Call Center agent is to resolve the issue of customers and provide excellent customer service. “Customers are said to be king of the industry” and to serve them in an effective way an organization needs skilled customer service agents.

The benefits of excellent Customer Service include retention of existing customers, expanding the brand value, and attracting new customers. Better customer service is a good reason for the word of mouth of a specific brand which in results increases new customer traffic.

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Handling customer queries One of the key responsibilities of a Call Center agent is to handle customer queries. Agents can receive these queries from different mediums like inbound phone calls, live chats, emails, or messages.

While handling the customer you must listen to the customer calmly and show empathy or sympathy wherever required, else customers can get angry or irate which leads to customer dissatisfaction. Needless to say, the Call Center industry is customer-oriented, and to handle the premium customers of any brand a call center requires highly skilled and trained agents to avoid customer dissatisfaction or escalation.

Product Selling: In the call center, an agent can communicate with a customer in two ways, one where the customer is calling you for any queries, and the second is where an agent outcalls a customer to promote or sell a product or specific brand.

In the Sales process, product selling is the primary task of an agent. Post selling of one core product an agent can also upsell or cross-sell the product? Calling a customer and selling a product is assumed to be toughest than handling an inbound customer.

Selling a product duties of call center agent
Product Selling

Target Achievement: Achievement of the target is one of the biggest challenges for an agent in the call center for job survival. Be it inbound or outbound a call center agent is assigned with some set targets to be achieved weekly or monthly, failing which could lead to your job loss.

Especially in the Sales process target achievement is very important. These targets are reasonable and fixed just to gauge the agent’s occupancy in the Call center. One of the good reasons to work in a target-oriented environment is that you keep pushing yourself and also you get lucrative perks and incentives post achieving the target.

Data Mining: Data mining in a call center is a method of collecting, filtering, and utilizing data for sales or analysis purposes. Apart from handling calls and selling products, there is a major key responsibility of a call center agent is to extract the data from different sources and databases. This data is used to generate leads and increase sales or make new customers.

The benefits of data mining are to reduce risk factors while calling customers and also to reduce security threats and forecasting data before calling. Data mining in call centers is performed from different techniques.

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In addition to the above common duties, the job description of an agent may vary as per the process and nature of the job. All in all the job responsibilities and duties of a call center agent is very critical and if the duties are not performed perfectly can be hazardous to the brand and call center.

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So Friends, If you are thinking to kick start your career in the call center industry, you can start as a call center representative. The job roles are very easy, provided you should fulfill them with sheer dedication.

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