How to identify job scams

How to identify job scams

India is on the verge of becoming the hub for online scams. Indians are the second most targeted audience (After Americans) for phishing emails and other online scams. With the increasing unemployment rate, finding a job during this Corona pandemic is a hard row to hoe. Job scammers have found new ways to dupe job aspirants. It seems a tough task to differentiate between a real job and a scam.

So today I am sharing some tip-offs on :

How to identify job scams.

How to identify job scams
How to identify job scams

As per the report of THE TIMES OF INDIA  only in 2020, the job scam rate has been increased double in comparison to the last year (2019)

But here are a few warning/signs to easily identify that if a job offer is actual or a scam.

1.Badly written Job description: A job description is a written narrative that summarises the roles, responsibilities, education qualifications, and other criteria for applying a specific position. In addition to this, the document also contains additional tasks or duties to be performed by a particular post while on the role.

You can easily identify the job scam if a mail contains a badly written job summary and offering a high salary package. This is a clear sign that the job offer can lead to a worse online scam. Such mails should instantly be moved to the spam box and mailers should be blocked from the address.

Scammer emails have some of the common eligibility criteria like:

You should be 18 years of age

Should be an Indian citizen

Should be High School pass out 

......and some irrelevant criteria for every position.

In reality, you can easily understand that if a job offer is high paying you must have some specific education qualifications to be eligible for the job position.

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3.Using the name of know job portals: Job scammers have adopted a new way to trap the jobseekers. Scammers are using a similar or duplicate name of some common and well-known job portals like and

To lure the candidates they create a similar website template and color-coding used by these job portals and offer the same paid/unpaid services as by these portals. This is an easy way to deceive the job seekers as there are barely 4 to 5 trusted and known job portals in India and the traffic on these job portals is very high. 

Candidates can easily search and apply for the job online on these portals. Also, active jobseekers feel safe to buy resume and other premium services from these portals due to the good  customer service history and trusted payment gateways used on these portals 

To avoid the job scam one should thoroughly check the job portal's name and features.

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How to identify job scams
How to identify job scams

4.Offering on the spot offers: If you are actively searching for jobs amid this pandemic, you would have come across such emails which offer you on the spot jobs and luring with a salary beyond expectations. One can easily wonder, when good experienced, and skilled workers are having a tough time finding a job during this pandemic then how can you easily get this high-paying job without having expertise in the domain.

Often it is observed that scammers offer these jobs in foreign countries (Europe and Gulf majorly) which makes Indian candidates eager to know for further process to enroll for the jobs which have duped many job aspirants in past

2.Asking for Confidential detailsJob scammers are more tech-savvy now, hence they try to attempt all tricks to steal your confidential bank details to perform the scam.

In my opinion, you should not participate in such activities as in most of the cases these are the only scams. Nevertheless, if you are convinced with the job offer and willing to pay the amount just ensure to check org. history, also check the website link by which you are going to pay the amount. The website link should be protected with https://.

But in any case, you should not share confidential details with anyone. Scammers can exploit these details which can lead to serious consequences.

5.Asking for Money: Mostly these scammers ask for money (registration fee) in lieu of providing a job offer and promise that the amount will be refundable with your first salary or within 2 months during the job. 

A licit organization or consultancy never asks for money for a job offer. Instead, they look for skills and experience in your resume. So, it is evidently understood that there is no point in paying the amount for jobs if you are skilled enough.

Job scammers also offer you to buy services of resume tailoring, and various software services for the laptops provided by the company. Never, ever trust these offers.

A Final Suggestion: Job scams are rampant now. The best way to stay safe from these scams to do more internet research, Never trusts paying jobs. Do not share your bank and other confidential details with any representative over the call.

On this note wrapping up the post.Hope you liked the post 

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