How to find the job in corona pandemic

How to find the job in corona pandemic

Undoubtedly coronavirus has broken down India’s economic spine. As per the news reports of economics times of India as many as 41 lakh youth lost their jobs in the coronavirus pandemic. Though steadily as the economy is getting back on track, companies and businesses have started resuming, but amid this pandemic getting a job easily is a hard nut to crack.

So toady’s article is based on the tips “How to find the job in this corona pandemic”.

How to find the job in corona pandemic
How to find the job in this corona pandemic

How to find the job in this corona pandemic

Getting a job is never been easy. One, there is already a shortage of jobs in India, and the unemployment rate is increasing year on year, on top of that the corona pandemic has increased the difficulties of professionals.

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So here are some tips on How to find the job in this corona pandemic”.

Active on job portalsYou ought to be active on job portals like,, or Apart from these top-ranking job portals, several small job portals can notify you about the current jobs in your domain.

As per my opinion, is the most effective portal which not only helps you to search for the right job in your domain but also helps you to get the review from ex-employees of the organization

These job portals have a list of active employers hiring in their respective domains. Also if you are capable to invest in some of the subscription plans to enhance the visibility of your resume and skills for the quick response from the employer, you can avail the premium services from these portals.

Don’t forget to list your updated resume frequently in these job portals for better reach to the employer

If you are looking specifically for call center jobs visit the site for all the hot jobs of the week.


Monitor social media  During this pandemic social media is one of the most occupied places because this is the only support of people when all were lockdown at their homes. But if have lost your job in this pandemic and looking for the new one you should smartly monitor social media.

One of the best social media portals for the professional people and the best medium between the employer and the job seeker is This social media has gained about 30% of the increase in customer traffic amid this pandemic (as per the survey reports).

Needless to say that this social platform is the most popular amongst professionals around the globe. Linked provides you the service to directly connect with the recruiter by simply sending a message

Join different job groups this is one of the easiest ways to get active job notifications. Social media websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and others provide the feature of creating and joining different groups which are very useful when you are looking for a job in a shorter span

If you are open to any job or salary range in this pandemic than in my opinion Whatsapp groups are the most trustworthy and useful groups wherein you do not need to keep on browsing the job notification but like other messages, it comes directly to your inbox on time.

This is of no surprise that in this pandemic many companies and HRs are hiring job seekers through job groups. Facebook is also popular among job seekers when we talk about trusted job groups

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Increase your professional network increasing your professional network is surely going to help you in this pandemic. Many successful business professionals have strong connections which they use to expand the business and to get new projects.

As a job seeker to build your professional network you should connect with your old bosses, colleagues in your domain, which can probably help you to get the job information if they have any. Moreover, these networks are not for the temporary solution but throughout the career professional connections can help you out while you are looking for a job or job change.

Needless to say that networking is not one and done deal, means you should not connect with a professional just when you are in need but it should sustain a give and take bond


In this internet era, there are different social sites by which you can connect with different professionals (whether known or unknown) or your old nerdy friends for better reach of a job.

Skills in Resume
Skills In Resume

Add skills in your curriculum: Adding skills in your curriculum is not only outshine you from the crowd but also keep your confidence level a notch higher. During this pandemic, you cannot depend on one domain for the job openings. You must add various skills, languages in your CV to get a higher chance of shortlisting.

During this pandemic, we have got one lesson that we cannot depend on one professional course rather you should be able to perform multi-tasking to get visibility.  

Not to mention that there is always a new door of opportunities when you obtain a new skill.

Flexing your professional muscles can give you the benefit of the new organization and in new projects. You can easily gain respect if your colleagues or boss find you proficient in a specific role.

A final note

Now it is very obvious that if you want to find a job in this corona Pandemic, then you have to do some extra efforts to keep you separate from other Jobseekers. Finding a job is not too difficult provided you should possess a proactive and positive approach.

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