Why Frauds In Call Center Industry ?

Why Frauds In Call Center Industry?

Since the inception of Call Centers in the Indian Market, fraud in Call Center Industry is also increasing simultaneously and this industry is continuously growing and contributing to Indian GDP.

But this industry is also not untouched by Fraud. So today my topic is 

Why Frauds in  Call Centre Industry?

Recently I was watching a drama web Series “Jamtara” on Netflix. Jamtara which is a small village in Jharkhand District and not known to anyone earlier but in the last 3-4 years, it became known to everyone but not for good reason.

Why Frauds In Call Center Industry ?

Why Fraud in Call Center Industry

“ As shown in the web series the “Jamtara” village is the hub of scam and phishing where the youth of the village used to call the people of metropolitan cities and take bank details from them and clear the money from the bank account”. This is how the fraud grows and a similar way the fraud happens in the Call Centre.

Why Fraud in Call center industry?

Why Frauds In Call Center Industry ?
The fraud in Call Center Industry is vulnerable and happens most because in this industry it is easy that you can call anyone, without sharing your identity: this call might be a verification call, a service call, a feedback call, or a telemarketing call. 

if you want to open a call center there are no hard rules and it is very feasible and cheap in comparison to other enterprises or starts up.

To apply for a call center you need to have a call set up like a device to outcall a customer, some data points for cold calling ( which are easily available in the market with cheap price ) and small office space and last 4-5 employee to call the customers that’s it.

As I have been in this industry for more than a decade now, I have been witnessed of many fraud call centers in different corners of Delhi/NCR. 

These call centers are for shorter span and earned money through fraud and Scam, after that either these call centers were closed due to legal case  or the owners of these companies escaped by taking money

This Fraud mostly happens with foreign customers as it’s easy to target these customers  and by the time they try to report the fraud happened with them  and legal cases started, these fraud call center would vanish

How does Fraud happen in Call Center industry?

As you know Call center industry deals in different segments like accounting, troubleshooting, payment processing, bank verification, and other banking services and works as a third party for different organizations.

In some cases, customer needs to share their details for the troubleshooting or for the resolution of their query, though there are some “Standard Operating Procedures” guidelines shared by TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India ) which the call center needs to follow while handling banking processes,  few of the illegal call centers do not follow the same

Fraud call center always take the banking project in their hand because with these projects it is easy to target the customer as per their need, also as I have mentioned above how easily you can open a call center with 4-5 employees, these employees take the details from the customer and that is how the fraud or scam take place

How to prevent such fraud of call Center?

If you are in metropolitan cities you must be aware of such scams nevertheless, we can not assume that we can be safe in any case, as in a single day we receive multiple calls from an unknown number and it is hard to guess which is fraud one.

The best thing to be safe from such cases that you should not share any personal details like OTP, ATM PIN and CVV numbers to any of the call center executive even the call is directly from the bank itself also as per the government and banking guidelines you should not share such details as  a preventive measure to avoid such scams

Although you can easily identify these calls when the call center associate is insisting you again and again to share your  bank details, if he is fumbling while representing the purpose of the call, if he is getting angry and hyper after your denial to share the bank details

Where to report after fraud?

If you have experienced such fraud you can report it to police and lodge FIR against the organization. 

In most of the cases, these fraud call centers do not share the organization name, address and also the associate who is calling you from another side will not take his real name, though if fraud happened with you, keep the phone number by which you received the call so that police can trace the location if call recording facility is available to share it with the police

Action taken on fraud call center cases

Recently as per the economic times report the US has filed lawsuits against fraud  Indian Call Center in different locations. As per the report, the case was filed against 6 companies and 5 individual people for making fake calls to Americans by using their fake name and American accent

Day on Day these scams are increasing and till now there is no such impactable stoppage on this
Below is the year on year comparison report which you can analyze

Why Frauds In Call Center Industry ?

While on one side when the world is investing money in the Indian Call Center market which is supporting the economy of India, while on the other hand, such kind of frauds in call center spoil the name of India in the marked of the world
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