Newspaper to read for Government jobs in India

Newspaper to read for Government jobs in India

The craze of government jobs in India is unmatched and it's the dream of almost every youth to get appointed either in a central government job or a state government job and to fulfill this dream they do whatever it takes.

Newspaper to read for Government jobs in India
Newspapers to read for Government jobs in India

Every government job has a different requirement and syllabus to follow. One common segment in every government job is Current Affairs. Though there are multiple sources (books, coaching guides, and question papers) available in the market to prepare for Current affairs, GK, and other segments following a newspaper (especially an English newspaper) can be a good choice, which not only keeps you updated about current affairs but also enhance your English reading skills.

In India, there are several newspapers that are popular among aspirants preparing for government exams.  

In today's blog, I have compiled a list of some of the top newspapers that candidates often follow for information and updates related to government exams

Here is the list of  top Newspapers to read for Government jobs in India :

1. The Hindu

The Hindu is an English-language newspaper and is known for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news. The Hindu is a trustworthy source of information for all government job aspirants in India.

It covers topics like current affairs, government policies, and editorial analysis, which are crucial for exam preparation and this is the reason why The Hindu is the number 1 newspaper followed by every job aspirant. 

However, Hindi medium students may face difficulty in following the complex English language used in The Hindu, but with continuous effort, it all seems easy in no time, and from the point of view of the exam too, must practice hard English.

2. Times of India

Times of India aka TOI is one of the most widely circulated English newspapers in India, it covers all current affairs, including government job-related updates. If you are a government jobs aspirant and want to get a job notification or looking for any career advice the Times Of India is one of the best newspapers to get notifications on job vacancies, latest job openings, and career consultants. 

3Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is another popular daily newspaper in the English Language that covers a broad range of news and columns related to government or Sarkari job vacancies with eligibility criteria.

It provides insights into current affairs, government policies, and exam-related updates, making it a go-to source for aspirants.

4Dainik Jagran

For all government job aspirants who have a language base of Hindi medium Dainik Jagran is a good resource of all the latest government job updates, notifications, and eligibility criteria.

Dainik Jagran is one of the most widely read Hindi newspapers in India. It covers national and state news and regional news, including government job notifications on a specific day, exam patterns, and study material. 

5. Amar Ujala: 

Amar Ujala is another prominent newspaper in the Hindi language that can be found in every household, especially in north India. Amar Ujala covers national and regional news related topics related to politics, sports, entertainment, government exams, career counseling, etc. Its Wednesday edition "Career guidance" is very useful for all government job aspirants, especially those who belong to the Hindi medium.

So, readers and Job aspirants, these are some of the leading newspapers which are useful resources for candidates preparing for government exams and are also recommended by experienced career counselors. 

Although all these newspapers are reliable because they are in this service for years, still it is advised to visit the official websites of Government Jobs for validation.

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