Importance of Training Process in a Call Center

Importance of Training Process in a call center

The training process is an integral part of any industry. The more an organization focuses on employee training the less they need to sweat for production. Especially, when we talk about any customer-driven industry, the importance of the training process becomes significant and pivotal for the organization.

At present, FMCG, Retail, IT, and BPO are some of the sectors where customer satisfaction plays an essential role in growth and revenue. 

Importance of Training Process in a call center
Importance of Training Process in a call center

BPO or Call Center is a customer-centric industry where the customer's experience and satisfaction are valued above all.

It is needless to say that without a good and well-defined training process, to aim for better customer satisfaction from your staff would be futile.

So in today's blog, we are going to discuss the "Importance of the Training Process in a  Call Center".

Before understanding the importance of training let's first understand what is a training process and what it takes to make a good training process?

What makes a good training process?

What is the Training process??

We can define training as a "process that can equip employees with the ability to answer customers' queries in a convincing way and with a higher customer satisfaction approach".

What makes a good training process?

A good training process should include below pointers:

  • Hire the right people with skills and the right experience.
  • Icebreaker sessions and team-building sessions should be part of the training program.
  • Step-by-step product training coverage.
  • Ensure all trainees are joining the meeting.
  • Ensure every attendee is adhering to break and shift.

  • A session from quality, Ops, and HR should be conducted in between the training session.

Importance of Training Process in a call center

Though there are multiple benefits of conducting a training program however below 5 pointers are very important.

1. Improve process quality:

One of the major importance of training program is that it helps to improve the process quality.

If a training program meets the aforesaid requirements of a good training process and the training completion success ratio is above 90%, it indicates that each successful trainee has the required product knowledge, which boosts process quality.

2. Less supervision required:

In every industry having a skilled staff is a necessary requirement for an organization to build and sustain itself in autopilot mode. 

Likewise in the Call Center industry if your experts are trained adequately and hold a good command of product knowledge then they need little involvement of floor support and support staff which also means that this time can be utilized by the floor supervisor to do other productive work.

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3. Improve productivity:

Needless to mention the BPO industry is customer oriented industry where the customer is the king of the industry. Satisfying the needs of every customer is a hard nut to crack. 

Although aiming for 100% Customer satisfaction is deceptive however we can attain maximum results by thoroughly training the experts and supporting staff with a well-designed training program.

If your experts are well versed with the product, they can provide a quick resolution to the customer this not only increases the CSAT but control other metrics i.e AHT, Wrap, and FCR as well.

4. Employee Retention:

One of the major reasons that most employees quit the organization so early is unable to understand the product or process.

In such attrition scenarios, the role of the training team becomes more pivotal. Because if an organization does not have an effective training model a gradual drop in trainee attendance can be observed which is the reason for high attrition and the training output would be very poor. 

Hence an effective training process will help you to retain the talent as well.

5. Cost Effective:

From a revenue perspective as well one of the major importance of a good training model is cost-effectiveness for a call center.. 

It's simple to understand that if a BPO has a well-versed training methodology then the training output would also be on the higher side and also as mentioned above the attrition % will also be low, which means a call center need not invest in hiring part which is a big cost saver.

Though the call center training duration is little (varies as per the process and client requirement), however a Call Center must ensure that training is not only responsible for training and coaching agents on customer handling etiquette rather also for communication training and personality development as well.

At the end of the article, leaving you with this famous quote from Henry Ford about Training:

''The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leaves is not training them and having them stay.''

On this note allow me to wrap up the article.

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